SPS IPC Drives il mondo dell'automazione di oggi e di domani

Nel 1990, con 63 espositori in un padiglione, nasceva SPS IPC Drives Norimberga. Piattaforma di innovazione per l’automazione industriale, è oggi un appuntamento imperdibile per gli addetti ai lavori e conta circa 1650 espositori.

Dal 24 al 26 novembre 2015 a Norimberga si terrà SPS IPC Drives. Oltre 1.650 espositori, tra tedeschi e stranieri, presenteranno al pubblico internazionale specialistico prodotti, soluzioni e tecnologie d’avanguardia. SPS IPC Drives si conferma così come l’appuntamento leader in Europa e come piattaforma di riferimento per l’innovazione e l'automazione industriale. Come nella scorsa edizione Industria 4.0 è uno dei temi centrali della fiera di quest’anno. Per la prima volta SPS IPC Drives, nel padiglione 3A, propone un’area dedicata al tema. In quest’area il visitatore avrà la possibilità di ricevere informazioni esaustive su come portare in rete la produzione digitalizzata. 

L'intervista a Sylke Schulz-Metzner, Head of Division/ Vice President SPS IPC Drives.

What is the expectation for SPS IPC Drives 2015? How many exhibitors are registered this year?

Prospects for SPS IPC Drives 2015 look very promising. The exhibition is regarded the highlight of the automation industry for exhibitors as well as for visitors. We are looking forward to end of November. Approx. 1,650 exhibitors will present their products and solutions, innovations and trends in Nuremberg.

For the first time SPS IPC Drives offers the “Industrie 4.0 Area”, in hall 3A. How will it be organized? Have you planned some other new project or focus?

Industrie 4.0 has become a more and more important topic of discussion within the automation industry as well as within the applying industry such as mechanical engineering. The “Industrie 4.0 Area” is our offer for the visitor to gain comprehensive information on one platform dedicated to this topic. On the “Industrie 4.0 Area” a forum and a joint stand “Automation meets IT” present data based business models and IT based automation solutions on the way into the digital production of the future. The joint stand “MES goes Automation” shows order transactions and production processes being optimized by the use of MES. Additionally, the special show space of Smart- FactoryKL illustrates the intelligent factory across different manufacturers. Besides that, Industrie 4.0 will certainly also be discussed on many exhibition booths and the other two forums in the exhibition halls. We, as organizers, have to see what the requirements for the future will be and which developments or topics will become important for the automation industry. This is why we are keeping a close ear to the market, listen to what exhibitors or visitors tell us and cooperate closely with our exhibitor advisory board. According to this, we will make our decisions.

At the last edition the largest foreign exhibitor participation came from Italy. Is this trend confirmed?

Italy will again build the largest share of exhibitors with 93 exhibiting companies. These are 9 companies more compared to the previous year.

Where is the German automation market going?

According to the ZVEI (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association), the prospects for a positive development of the automation industry are good, as of August this year. We as organizers are doing our best to be on top of any important new trends but we are not the specialists to predict what will come up in the next years.